Honeymoon Destinations

Looking for ways to save some money on your honeymoon?  Here are some cheap vacation destinations that are great for newlyweds who are looking to have  a great and memorable honeymoon without paying premium prices.  In today’s modern world, most couples are faced with the costs of  a honeymoon placed on themselves.  While in the past, the father of the bride was the one who would pay for  a honeymoon, nowaddays the honeymoon is often paid for by the couple and these costs can be prohibitive for a new family trying to start their lives.  Here are some great cheap honeymoon destinations that are still amazing and romantic but won’t break the bank.

#1.  Orlando, FL

Orlando FL is the tourism capital of the world.  They have hundreds of hotels an resorts that usually have terrific honeymoon packages that can include all inclusive resorts, great attraction packages, and flight+room+rental car deals that will really save you some money.

Weekdays are the best days to visit the attractions, the hundreds of golf courses, the Orlando shuttles, and the great restaurants and shows available.  This  is  a great place for a cheap but terrific honeymoon.

#2.  Mexico

No matter which tourist spot you choose in Mexico, you are guaranteed to have a great honeymoon.  The major vacation spots like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Cozumel, and the others are great to visit because they offer those terrific all-inclusive packages.   You can save a lot of money here and still have a beautiful honeymoon.

#3.  Thailand

Thailand is most famous for it unbelievable beaches.  The current economics crisis has hurt everyone worldwide, and countries like Thailand have been hurt the most.  Without tourism, their economy will suffer so they have reduced flights and prices in order to maintain their tourism level.

A honeymoon in Thailand can really be unforgettable and if you plan correctly, it can be a great cheap honeymoon destination for you and your new spouse.

#4.  Belize

A truly beautiful country that has plenty to offer newlyweds.  This is an tropical country with great beaches that is filled with gorgeous all-inclusive resorts, or quaint bungalows right on the beach for you and new bride or husband to relax the days away.  Go to Belize for a great honeymoon and for great price.  This placed cannot be beaten.

#5.  Dominican Republic

A lush and beautiful tropical paradise that is extremely cheap for travelers and newlyweds on a budget.  The best prices and deals can be found in coastal resorts.  You will be pampered and romanced by this haven for deal-minded travelers.

No island resorts give you more for the dollar than the Dominican Republic.  Make sure you take your honeymoon here.

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